We are lifetime owners of cats and dogs, with qualifications in small animal care, construction and design, and we want to help you and your cats learn to love your home equally.

Based in South-East Wales we aim to deliver well-designed solutions around the United Kingdom that allow cats of all activity levels to enjoy their natural routines of exploration, hunting and play indoors, whilst offering design that respectfully blends in with your décor.​

We offer skillfully handcrafted products and quality bespoke design, and can use computer-generated visuals to help you realise the full potential of your home for Catification.​

​​Our cats love to help us make your ideas come to life


These 2 are a constant presence around the workshop, I just wish I could teach them to learn to make a cup of tea! 


Always there to greet you first thing in the morning. Super affectionate and fearless. If you sit down for more than 3 seconds she is on your lap.


Loves nothing more than to cuddle and sit on your shoulder like a parrot, and take selfies!



The 2 cats that provided the inspiration to start the business, and the daily motivation to create a better life for cats.  


She was a rescue from Cats Protection. Bella was quiet and hiding in the back of her enclosure away from the rest of her siblings. Something pulled at our hearts strings and made us take her home. We have been in love ever since!


Now where do you start trying to explain this cat. He is also a rescue from Cats Protection and unfortunately lost one of his back legs in a R.T.A, but does it slow him down at all....no way! Of all the cats I have ever known he has the most character. He loves to play, eat, chat and scat around the house!