Smudge's Catio
Posted by Alex

Sandra contacted us looking for a special Catio designed to blend in with her property. The aim being to let her beautiful cat Smudge get some safe outdoor time!

We got to work designing something that would not only give some great stimulation to Smudge, but also become part of the main building.

The Catio was installed whilst landscaping works were being carried out to create a path around the house.





We put a lot of time into the fine detail of the build. Using high quality timber to create the structure and insetting individual pieces of mesh, rather than the standard technique of just wrapping mesh around the Catio and fixing it with staples. We also rounded every single edge of all the wood to create a softer appearance and also to make it safer for Smudge to rub up against if she so desired. Then it was all topped off with two fully roofed sections with tiles to match the rest of the buildings!





For the floor we used natural slate and large slices of natural wood. We then fixed ramps and hemp roped poles to add interest for Smudge to climb around the Catio using the multiple shelves and hidey hole boxes.





We created a large triangular walkway for the entry in and out of the cat flap. This meant that the flowerbed underneath could stay in place, and also the main window above could still be opened.





Smudge loves her cat grass, so we made 3 triangular planters to fit onto the larger shelves for her to munch away at!





Smudge instantly loved her Catio. Whether the suns out or its pouring down with rain she cant wait to get out there and watch the world go by! 









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