The Burmese Boudoir
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Julia was looking to make use of some vertical space for her adorable Burmese. Recently a puppy had joined the family so creating some safe cat space was essential to keep the peace. 

The layout had to blend in with the room and have an element of design that didnt totally scream out 'I'm cat mad'

This meant using lots of the highest quality oak mixed with painted shelves to give a contemporary appearance.





The first challenge was to create a real statement piece to be the main access onto the top of the wardrobe. We designed a unique spiral staircase created from thick kiln dried oak that alternated with the bright orange paint finish!





On top of the wardrobe we recessed painted shelves into a real limb of oak to continue the walkway. Then we covered the wardrobe and shelf in thick bedding for comfy spots to sleep!





In the center of the gable end of the room we designed and built a floating oval bed covered in sisal carpet. Large enough for all the cats to sleep in or on top of. Early reports suggest this is fast becoming a favourite napping spot already!





Then to create another access point we continued the walkway with a ladder, shelves and a set of chunky floating steps. This brought the route down onto the worktop where the cats are usually fed.




The cats all seem happy with the new space away from the puppy. We hope they all have many fun filled years climbing and napping!






See more footage here..... 

The Burmese Boudoir

Just some beautiful Burmese having their first look around yesterdays installation 😻 Really pleased with how this combination of oak and painted shelves has blended into the space 😊

Posted by Custom Cat Creations on Sunday, 11 August 2019










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