The Coleman Cat Room
Posted by Alex

This project involved turning a large 'L' Shaped living room into a haven for Kath's beautiful cats. Plenty of space at height was required to give the kitties their own space away from the dogs on the floor!

We made several main towers all connected by shelves, bridges and napping spots running around the whole room.

All covered in the highest quality sisal carpet for scratching and climbing fun.



This giant tower was made for the cats to be able to play and sleep inside. They can also climb all the way to the top from the inside!

Bridges then link from the top to the two unique climbers in the corners of the room.





We also created yet another unique piece designed to be above the Cazami Cat Exercise Wheel. It turned out to be a favourite spot for napping after a long hard run :)






This piece was made to wrap around a corner with shelves and sisal sections for climbing, giving more access to the bridges working there way around the room.





The new room layout was an instant hit with kitties who now have plenty of space to play and rest in peace!







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