The Let'sBeSmart Shelter Project
Posted by Alex

Nothing makes us happier than being able to give some comfort to cats and kittens waiting for their forever home. When the Let'sBeSmart charity which has a shelter just outside Athens contacted us to design and build quality furniture for the cats, We jumped at the chance with all paws!

The center houses over 50 cats so maximising the bed spaces and height of each room was a must, the aim being to give plenty of comfort and safe space for each cat to feel at home during their stay.


The Living Room Activity Towers



This large room was just crying out for a huge tower system with plenty of height. We designed it in such a way that there are lots of places to sleep but also many ways to access each section, the idea being that hopefully this would reduce any conflict between the cats. Almost overnight the people looking after the shelter had noticed a much calmer household. Cats and humans all had a great nights sleep!



The sleeping areas inside the towers and especially the beautifully handmade hammocks were a massive hit for nap times!



The cats also loved the height of the sisal roped poles for a good scratch and a climb!



And the multiple bridges for access between the towers added some interest....and more places to sleep!



The Bedroom Combo Towers



Next on the agenda was creating some nice sleeping spaces for the cats in 2 of the bedrooms. Designed to be up against the walls, one layout being deeper than the other due to space restrictions, but both sizes working perfectly for the kitties comfort!




The Planter Wall



The shelter has 2 balconies that also needed some places for the cats to play and relax. Firstly we made a wall containing 2 planters which will have catnip and cat grass in them, and shelves at different heights linking them and the windows.



The Corner Tower



Then we created this very special piece which was designed to give maximum sleeping space for multiple cats, height and an awesome view over the balcony walls!



The 2 hour scrapheap challenge!


As a parting gift to the outside cats at the shelter we spent one morning using some broken cat houses, slats from old ikea beds and some astro turf to create a bit of a rest and shade area!



Please check out the charity on their website and also give them a Like on facebook

Better still if you find yourself wanting another cat why not rehome one of the beautiful cats from the shelter!!!








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