The Savannah Room
Posted by Alex

Abigail contacted us about designing and building a very special layout for the F2 Savannah kitten Bagheera that would become part of their family soon. Being a large breed of cat needing lots of stimulation, we got straight to work planning a room that would be really fun but also hard wearing. This meant using lots of durable hardwood and as always top quality sisal carpet and rope.


We really wanted to create something unique for this beautiful cat. Using locally sourced oak branches to give the layout a natural appearance.



And all of those branches are perfect for stalking your kitty sister Hermoine........






Handmade padded washable beds with limited edition cat print fabric really pop with all the natural materials!






The removable feeding and grass bowls are a big hit!







Along the window wall we designed and built a gigantic cat tower from sycamore slab wood, great for sunbathing!





We hope these 2 lovely cats have many years stimulation and relaxation in their new room!









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