The Tonks Play Room
Posted by Alex

Nikki the owner of an adorable bunch of Tonkinese contacted us when she was looking for some custom built furniture for her cat room . The brief involved creating some interesting pieces for climbing and tunneling for the cats, but also something to help with organising all of the toys for the very active kitties. The cat room was already a stimulating environment for the cats with several pieces of cat friendly shelving and one of the excellent cat wheels from Cazami, but things just needed some streamlining!




The large custom built corner section was made from solid oak and contains multiple tunnels, a contained litter tray cupboard, a large storage cupboard with a special drawer for all of the feather toys, 2 smaller cupboards, 2 spaces with wicker basket storage, and a gigantic corner tower piece with 2 cubby hole beds. 



We also created a very special wall mounted custom piece to display a pair of ostrich eggs, that the cats could play on including a rope bridge. We then linked all the pieces around the room using some smaller shelves and a long one over the top of the door!



And we also made a piece for the cats to be able to climb safely onto the top of the dresser in the kitchen. We created a stencil track of the paw prints of Bellona climbing up this piece and on a section of the main corner tower, as a reminder to a beautiful cat. 



Click here for Part 2 of the build......


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