The Tonks Playroom (Part 2)
Posted by Alex

This time around we had to create a unique shelving layout to fit inbetweeen the existing dual purpose pieces already fitted to this room last year. These lucky Tonkinese now have a room full of stimulating exercise options and places to nap! The brief was to create something that would encourage jumping and running but also look interesting for their owner Nikki.




We designed the shelves to be mounted using heavy duty floating fixings. All six are different in size but come together to create a contemporary look that the cats instantly loved racing around!




We sourced some really lovely red sisal carpet to match the scheme in the room, and as ever the cats love it for a good scratch. It also creates a great surface that makes it a lot safer for them when they are running around at full speed!





In addition to these shelves, we also had to fit a super cat highway in the living room. 





Totalling over nine metres long and connecting two cat trees in opposite corners of the room. This has turned out to be a real hit for running around the top of the room, and also for even more napping!















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