The Two Story Catio
Posted by Alex

Dave contacted us after deciding to create a safe contained outdoor space for his stunning British Shorthairs. The idea was to install a space that could be seperated into two sections when required, one above the other! We got to work designing a Catio that would be super stylish and extremely stimulating for the cats to spend some quality time in!




The main bottom section was constucted with tinted perspex at the lower level. This was to help with reducing cross contamination from the neighbouring cat who often likes to spend time in Dave's garden (I think She wants to move in with him).



We created two corner sections with shelving and tall scratching poles to incorporate lots of cat friendly plants for playing and nibbling.






Above head height we installed lots of walkway space connecting both sides and also creating the access to the upper section of the Catio.








The upper section was created with two vertical tunnels with removable hatches at the top. This created an outdoor extension to the upper bedroom that could be used as a seperate space from the lower portion of the Catio.





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